V3 Change logs is not updated correctly

In v2 for getting quotes the url is “/getQuotes” however in v3 it is “/getQuote”. I found few many discrepancies like this. Please keep the change log updated or it will be nightmare to upgrade.

Yes, please take care of this. Every time we upgrade, we have to fix some broken code. Sometime it breaks during the market hours, since the line of code executes during that time. Updating the log will help us address those issues before going to live.
Thanks. You are doing good so far.

V3 has got lot of issues, simple order placing is not working which used work smoothly in v2-

Getting response - Response{protocol=h2, code=500, message=, url=https://connect.thefirstock.com/api/V3/strategies/shortStraddle}

input {“symbol”:“BANKNIFTY”,“product”:“I”,“quantity”:“25”,“jKey”:“xxx”,“expiry”:“23MAR23”,“hedgeValue”:2500,“userId”:“xxx”,“hedge”:true,“strikePrice”:“39200”,“remarks”:“Short Straddle”}

When you upgrade, basics is what is working should not be broken

Hi Praveen,
Sorry for the inconvenience caused there were some validation to the expiry added and has caused the issue, really sorry for the trouble we have fixed the issue and will be updated soon, also a new additional feature will be released were there will be a newman report generated when every release will be given out so this shows the detailed report of all the test cases of all the API’s, which assures all the API are functional.

Thanks, will look forward to report before switching to V3. Don’t deprecate v2 until.

Hello Praveen, we have updated the backend, please check it out also the changelogs have been updated with every changes that has been done, we shall make sure to follow up every changes done on to the changelog.

Hello Venkat, Thank you for the support we have updated the changelog with all the changes that has been done until now, and also make sure never miss an update log.

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Not every changes yet, shortStrangle in v2 actId is changed to userId in v3.