Using Websockets in frontend and backend - node js simultaneoulsy

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This post is regarding using websockets in frontend frameworks like React js , Angular js or any other frontend frameworks and in node js backend.

Using Websockets in Front End

  1. Use the following websocket link in the frontend websocket connection.
  1. For establishing the initial connection in the websocket send the following json object in string format
  • ‘userId’ is the User Id of your Firstock Account

  • ‘susertoken’ is the token generated in the login API, Refer this link Login | Firstock

    After sending the initial request you will get the following success response json

{ "t": "ck", "s": "OK", "uid": "<userId>" }

If the initial connection payload is wrong, you will get the following error response json string

{ "t": "ck", "s": "NOT_OK"}
  1. Once the connection establishment is successful, you can send the following json object in string format for getting the continuous feeds for NIFTY 50 and BANK NIFTY

For Further reference go through this link General guide lines | Firstock

Using Websockets in Backend - Node js

  1. Login using firstock account credentials
const Firstock = require('thefirstock');

const firstock = new Firstock();

    userId: "<userId>",
    password: "<password>",
    TOTP: "<TOTP>",
    vendorCode: "<vendorCode>",
    apiKey: "<apiKey>",
  (err, result) => {
    console.log("Error, ", err);
    console.log("Result: ", result);
  • For getting the vendor code and api key you can login into Firstock to get the details.
  1. After Logging in use the following code to connect to websockets
const ws = firstock.initializeWebSocket(2); 

ws.on("open", function open() {
  firstock.getWebSocketDetails((err, result) => {
    if (!err) {
      firstock.initialSendWebSocketDetails(ws, result, () => {
        //Subscribe Feed
        ws.send(firstock.subscribeFeedAcknowledgement("NSE|26000#NSE|26009")); //Sending NIFTY 50 and BANKNIFTY Token

ws.on("error", function error(error) {
  console.log(`WebSocket error: ${error}`);

ws.on("message", function message(data) {
  const result = firstock.receiveWebSocketDetails(data);
  console.log("message: ", result);


  • Send “2” in “firstock.initializeWebSocket(2)” method when you want to use websocket in the frontend and backend simultaneously

For Further reference go through this link General guide lines | Firstock

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