Unable to place shortstraddle and all default strategies code

Hi Team,

Able to place order with the code “thefirstock.firstock_placeOrder” in equity and F&O.
But unable to place order with the deafult strategies available for 4.0 like shortstraddle, shortstrangles, long straddle, long straddle etc…

Please find the screenshot and the error message


Hi @Umadhevid,

We’re actively working on resolving the API issue and plan to have it fixed as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

Hi Team,
Please fix this issue ASAP.
Please let me know the ETA for this issue, so that will plan accordingly

Hi @Umadhevid ,

We are planning to fix this issue by Saturday (18-May-2024) update. We will let you know once the update has been completed.
Thank you for your understanding.