Unable to do login from two different systems

I am using 3.2.1, I am unable to login from two different devices/system.
I have algo defined in tradetron and some in google cloud (own).

If I login from own code - it invalidates login at tradetron and vice versa. This is creating issues for me as I am not able to run API’s from two different systems.

Hi @v_Kiran ,

Right now, we’re unable to support login from two different devices/systems simultaneously due to the issue you’ve described. We understand the inconvenience this causes and are actively working on a solution. Thank you for your patience.

any ETA for a fix ? This is must to have feature for Algo and almost all brokers support it

Hi Kiran,

We are currently working with tradetron for Login Integration, this issue will be resolved by next week.Thank you for your patience.