Session Issues while using API and Tradetron

Hi Team,

I am using Tradetron for Algo and also using your APIs for different usecase. Whenever I use both, the other session is becoming invalid. Can you make both the sessions active. or let me know any other alternative way to avoid this.


Hi @sunkara007 ,

Please contact Tradetron for the issue that you are facing.

Issue is not with Tradetron.

If I use only tradetron, it’s working fine without any issues.
If I use only APIs, it’s working fine without any issues.

But When I use both, latest session is working. I spoke to Vikram sir on this.
Please keep both the sessions active, so that my issue will be resolved. For other brokers the same usecase is working.

Hi @sunkara007 ,

We are working with Tradetron to resolve the issue, we will revert back.

Thank you

Thanks for looking into this and taking on priority.
Please update here once the issue is resolved.

Any update on this ?

Any update on this ?

Dear sunkara007,

We are in the process of upgrading our APIs to address issues with other platforms such as Tradetron and Algotest. We will notify you once the new version is released with resolved conflicts. Thank you for your patience, and we appreciate your understanding during this period.