Near real time option chain api with LTP

Currently I see APIs

  1. Get instrument for Opton Chain for Index (NIFTY, BANKNIFTY, FINNIFTY) but without LTP.
  2. Get Multi Quote LTP for 30 instruments.

We also have a limit of 1 request per second limit as well. The combination of above will take roughly 7 to 8 seconds to compose option chain for one index.

Can you provide an api to query optoin chain for each of the three index in near realtime. That would be super helpful.

Hi Balasubramaniam_R,

Thank you for the feedback we will check and get back as soon as possible.

Any update on passing the LTP on the GetOptionChain API itself? This is a significant limitation right now.

Dear Balasubramaniam_R,

Thank you for your patience. We’re currently updating our systems and have taken note of your concerns about our option chain APIs. We understand the challenges you’ve highlighted, especially regarding the absence of Last Traded Price (LTP) and the time it takes to compose option chains for various indices.

We’re actively working on these improvements and plan to address the LTP limitation in our future updates. Your feedback is valuable, and we’ll keep you informed about the updates. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to enhancing your experience with our APIs.