Looking for the right way to fetch DAY trade information

Hi there,

As you could see from the attachment that DAY trade information were not returned for the valid NIFTY/BANKNIFTY trade symbols. I look forward to some advice on using your API properly. If I use other intervals, it returns the data.

API - https://connect.thefirstock.com/api/V3/timePriceSeries

Screenshot from 2023-09-13, 09-03-41, 490x343, 100%

API with valid response for the same trade symbol for 60-minute interval

Screenshot from 2023-09-13, 09-06-51

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@Firstock Is there any update on this?

Hi nagu,

The issue will be cleared by end of the day today. Thank you for the patience . we will promptly update you.

@Firstock Thanks for the update, but I’m still seeing this issue as of today. Please keep me posted once it has been rolled out.

I’m facing the same issue. Added a topic yesterday for the same here.

@Firstock Do you guys have any update on this?

Dear Firstock Family,

We are delighted to inform you that we have upgraded to our latest version, and as a result, day trade information is now readily available for your perusal. Please take a moment to review this feature. We appreciate your patience throughout this process.

Thank you.

@Firstock Thanks for the update! But it is not working yet. Did you guys test this before release?

Please send the curl. We would like to see what is going wrong. We have tested it.


Here is the sample response.

Why do we need to mandate the Nifty 50 as a token? Why is it not working with the 26000 scrip code?

Hello @nagu,

We are currently in the process of updating to a newer version. We will promptly notify you once the update is complete. This may take some time. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

@Firstock Is there any update on this?

@Firstock Is there any update on this? I still see the same behavior as I explained above.

Is the newer version released? The change log was last updated long ago.

Hi @nagu ,

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the ongoing issue. Thank you for the update. Our development team has already planned to address the reported issue, and the development process may commence soon. We will keep you informed of any progress.

@Firstock Did we resolve this? Any new year updates?

Hi @nagu ,

I trust this message finds you well. We are delighted to inform you that our systems have undergone a successful upgrade to Version 4.0. This update brings about comprehensive changes and improvements to all functionalities, enhancing the overall user experience.

We are pleased to confirm that the specific requirements you requested have been carefully addressed and will be applied within the upgraded system. To access and explore these enhancements, please find the details provided [ https://wikiconnect.thefirstock.com/ ].

If you have any questions, feedback, or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out. We appreciate your continued partnership and look forward to the positive impact of these improvements on your experience with our system.


Should we use tradingSymbol (string notation) or token (numerical notation) for the time series API calls?

The document is completely misleading with the examples given. Please verify and get this corrected. Time Price Series Regular Interval

I just want to use the numerical notation to retrieve the regular/day interval data for a given token. Is that possible?