Login to Multiple accounts within same application

Looks like you are saving users configuration (token and user id) in a hardcoded config.js file in the root folder. This is a big challenge to automate multiple accounts within the same applicaiton. Can you change the name of the file based on the user? That way it’s easier to run a single application for multiple users.

Hi Balasubramaniam_R,

Certainly! We are capable of updating it, and we will do so shortly. Thank you for your cooperation and patience. If you have any further instructions or requirements, please let us know.

Hi Balasubramaniam_R,

We are happy to give you an update to this issue you are facing. We are giving an update on 19 August 2023. Please check it out when we release the new update.
Thanks for you’re patience.

Thank you. Looking forward to it.