I want to place Option Spread but i got this error please tell me how can i overcome this

{‘detail’: [{‘type’: ‘missing’, ‘loc’: [‘body’, ‘exchange’], ‘msg’: ‘Field required’, ‘input’: {‘symbol’: ‘BANKNIFTY’, ‘callBuyStrikePrice’: ‘46800’, ‘callSellStrikePrice’: ‘47000’, ‘expiry’: ‘29FEB24’, ‘product’: ‘M’, ‘quantity’: ‘15’, ‘remarks’: ‘Hello’, ‘jKey’: ‘80948cf736a100562b660eccf55a5c9729b748f04c1b20494b619b05e4106734’, ‘userId’: ‘RJ1273’}, ‘url’: ‘Redirecting...’},

Hi @Shubham_Bahirat ,

Could you kindly provide the curl command for the API you’re utilizing? Understanding the exact call you’re making would greatly assist us in grasping the challenges you’re encountering and providing more targeted support.

I am use python not curl