How do I make sure I've sufficient balance in my account to process a order

On the mobile and web apps there is an order success button.
I want similar API or a function in python SDK to make sure the current order can be filled with the amount in the funds. I guess the old API last year that I used had some kind of API to check this but was not able to find this in the current sdk.

@Pranav_Padmasali you can use get limit request in order & reports section to get you margin details and available cash. Then you can calculate margin required for the basket order you want to place from basket margin route.

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Hi Parth, @Parth_Patil brkcollamt field in the response of limits API is returning 0 always. Can you please update this with approximate brokerage with the number of orders/trades happened until then. Other brokers have some feature like virtual contract note, where they show expected brokerage, STT etc. We know it will not be the final, the contract note will be the final, but still it will be useful while trading.