freezeQuantity missing in securityInfo api-v4

  "exchange": "NFO",
  "tradingSymbol": "NIFTY25JAN24F",
  "symbolName": "NIFTY",
  "companyName": "NIFTY JAN FUT",
  "instrumentName": "FUTIDX",
  "segment": "DER",
  "pricePrecision": "2",
  "lotSize": "50",
  "tickSize": "0.05",
  "mult": "1",
  "prcftr_d": "(1 / 1 ) * (1 / 1)",
  "token": "55318"

Hi @Vivek_Haridas ,

Can you elaborate this issue in a more detailed way so that we have better understanding of what you are going through.

For any instrument traded on the exchange, there is a limit on the number of units that can be traded in a single order. That is called Quantity Freeze. This is a risk mitigation mechanism used by the exchanges. For example, if you place a single buy order of 1850 units in Nifty Futures, it will fail due to this protection.
Most of the brokers provide this info in the security info api. This is missing in the firstock v4 api.
I am attaching the response of another broker for an equivalent api call of security info. You can look at the frzqty field below.

  "request_time": "10:21:33 28-01-2024",
  "stat": "Ok",
  "exch": "NFO",
  "tsym": "NIFTY29FEB24F",
  "cname": "NIFTY FEB FUT",
  "symname": "NIFTY",
  "seg": "DER",
  "exd": "29-FEB-2024",
  "instname": "FUTIDX",
  "optt": "XX",
  "und_exch": "NSE",
  "und_tk": "26000",
  "pp": "2",
  "ls": "50",
  "ti": "0.05",
  "mult": "1",
  "uc": "23637.45",
  "lc": "19339.70",
  "strprc": "-0.01",
  "prcftr_d": "(1 / 1 ) * (1 / 1)",
  "token": "71441",
  "frzqty": "1801",
  "delmrg": "0.00",
  "varmrg": "0.00",
  "expmrg": "2.00"

Hi @Vivek_Haridas ,

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by its absence in our current API version. Please be assured that we are actively working on incorporating this information into our system. We aim to have this feature available by end of day (EOD).

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we strive to enhance our services for our valued users.

Hi @Vivek_Haridas,

We have fixed the “freezeQuantity” issue. Please check and let us know if you are facing any issues.