Firstock_login is failing suddenly

Using the Python API to login to authenticate
Login = thefirstock.firstock_login(userId=USERID, password=PASS, TOTP=TOTP, vendorCode=VENDORCODE, apiKey=APIKEY)

Getting following error off a sudden
Exception occured during data retrieval {‘status’: ‘Failed’, ‘code’: ‘400’, ‘name’: ‘EXCHANGE/TOKEN’, ‘error’: {‘field’: ‘exchange/token’, ‘message’: ‘Invalid Exchange/Token’}}

I have been using this API from quite some time and it was working fine and offa sudden its throwing errors

I have tried generating TOTP and reusing them in the API, but its not resolving the error

Can some help ?
Is my API account locked ?

Hi Kumar_M,

Thank you for bringing the login issue to our attention, which seems to be related to incorrect exchange names. To effectively diagnose the problem and provide a solution, we kindly request the following information:

  1. Main Code: Could you please share the relevant sections of the main code that handle the login process and interact with the exchanges? This will help us analyze the code and identify any potential issues.
  2. Data Samples: Providing us with sample data used during the login attempts would be immensely beneficial. These samples should include exchange names, authentication credentials, and any relevant API keys used for the login process.
  3. Error Screenshots or Logs: If there are any error messages or logs generated during the login attempts, please share screenshots or the content of these logs. They can provide essential insights into the root cause of the problem.
  4. Vendor Code Update: Before proceeding with the analysis, we kindly request you to refresh the vendor code to ensure that we are working with the latest version. This step is crucial as newer updates might contain bug fixes or improvements that could resolve the issue.

We understand the sensitivity of code and data, and we assure you that all information provided will be handled with the utmost confidentiality and used solely for diagnostic purposes.

Once we receive the necessary details, we will promptly begin the investigation to identify the issue and work towards a timely resolution.

I do some more testing and found that Login API works, but the code is failing
at timepriceseries api call
thefirstock.firstock_TimePriceSeries(NSE, symbolnumber, dateFromStr, dateToStr, FIVEMINUTE)

I have to admit that it was my mistake to overlook my code issues.
Apologies to waste your time.

Not a problem! Thank you for being upfront about the oversight. It happens to everyone, and we are here to help you through it. Feel free to share any specific issues you’d like to address, and we’ll work together to resolve them promptly. Your trading success is important, and we are committed to supporting you in any way we can.