Firstock changed limit of fetching multiquotes for users to 10 per second per user?


I used this quote to get option chain and therefore enrich it with LTP, bid ask spreads etc for my algo.
All of a sudden today, i notice that if i pass data_tokens in thefirstock.firstock_getMultiQuote to more than 10 - 20, the tokens are returned as an error saying:

Why have we done this? As far as I know, get multiquote should help me fetch atleast 40 quotes for option chain in one second.

I use firstock because of it’s api. I don’t mind paying for the API unrestricted access. But to borderline disable / restrict fast access is killing algo trading systems.

Same here. I used LTP API call during live trading which recently restricted to 120 orders per minute.

FirstStock shoud charge a nominal amount for a better Rate limit across API calls.

Hey Firstock family,

We have updated our systems so please check now and get back to us if the same problem persists.