Feedback from a Loyal User of 1.5 Years

Dear Thefirstock Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to provide some feedback on Thefirstock Mobile App, particularly focusing on the iOS and web versions. While I must commend your excellent customer service, there are a few areas that require attention and improvement.

  1. Excellent Customer Service
    I would like to reiterate that the customer service provided by Thefirstock has been outstanding. The support I have received thus far has been top-notch, and I encourage you to maintain this level of service. It is one of the key factors that set Thefirstock apart from other platforms.
  2. The Elephant in the Room: Charting
    One significant issue I have encountered with the web and iOS app is the charting functionality. The charts are incredibly slow, and it’s cumbersome to use them effectively. Additionally, there seems to be no option to save indicators on the charts. As a result, I have been forced to rely on a competitor’s application solely for charting purposes. Improving the performance and functionality of the charting feature would make Thefirstock a truly comprehensive solution for traders like me.
  3. API and SDK Development
    I must commend your team on the exceptional work done on the API and SDK development. The emphasis on being tech-focused and developer-friendly is highly appreciated. However, I believe that providing more documentation and working examples would greatly benefit developers utilizing your platform. Additionally, fostering an active community for developers to exchange ideas and support each other would be invaluable.
  4. Laggy Mobile App (iOS)
    The iOS version of the mobile app, unfortunately, suffers from lag and sluggishness. I constantly find myself needing to pull down to refresh the app, which negatively impacts the user experience. It would be greatly appreciated if you could address these performance issues and make the app more responsive.
  5. Request for OSX Desktop Application
    I have noticed that there is a Windows desktop application available, which is fantastic. However, as an OSX user, I would greatly appreciate it if you could develop a desktop application specifically for the OSX platform. This would enable a more seamless and integrated experience for Mac users like myself.

I hope you find this feedback constructive and valuable. Thefirstock has great potential, and by addressing these issues, you can enhance the overall user experience and solidify your position as a leading trading platform.

Thank you for your attention to these matters. I look forward to seeing the continuous improvement of Thefirstock Mobile App.

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Dear Pranav_Padmasali,

We are greatful to have a loyal customer like you and thank you for taking the time to provide us with your valuable feedback on Thefirstock Mobile App, specifically regarding the iOS and web versions. We appreciate your commendation of our customer service and assure you that we will continue to maintain the high level of support that sets us apart from other platforms.

We understand the importance of charting functionality for traders like yourself, and we apologize for any inconvenience you’ve experienced in this regard. We are actively working on improving the performance and usability of our charting feature. Our development team is focused on addressing the speed and responsiveness issues to ensure a smoother experience. We have also taken note of your suggestion regarding saving indicators on the charts and will consider it for future updates.

We appreciate your recognition of our API and SDK development efforts. We are committed to providing comprehensive documentation and working examples to assist developers in utilizing our platform effectively. Additionally, we understand the value of a supportive community, and we are actively working to foster an environment where developers can collaborate, exchange ideas, and provide mutual support.

We apologize for any lag and sluggishness you’ve encountered in the iOS version of our mobile app. Our team is dedicated to optimizing the performance and responsiveness of the app, and we are actively working on resolving these issues. Your feedback helps us identify areas for improvement, and we are committed to delivering a more seamless and enjoyable user experience on iOS.

We appreciate your request for an OSX desktop application. While we currently offer a Windows desktop application, we understand the importance of providing a native solution for OSX users as well. We have taken note of your suggestion, and our team will explore the possibility of developing a dedicated OSX desktop application to enhance the integration and experience for Mac users.

Thank you once again for your constructive feedback. We value your input and are committed to continuously improving the Firstock Mobile App to meet the needs of our users. If you have any further suggestions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer support team. We appreciate your support and look forward to serving you better in the future.

Best regards,
The Firstock Team.