API Login is failing with Invalid Exchange error

Using the Python API to login to authenticate
Login = thefirstock.firstock_login(userId=USERID, password=PASS, TOTP=TOTP, vendorCode=VENDORCODE, apiKey=APIKEY)

Getting following error off a sudden
Exception occured during data retrieval {‘status’: ‘Failed’, ‘code’: ‘400’, ‘name’: ‘EXCHANGE/TOKEN’, ‘error’: {‘field’: ‘exchange/token’, ‘message’: ‘Invalid Exchange/Token’}}

I have been using this API from quite some time and it was working fine and offa sudden its throwing errors

I have tried generating TOTP and reusing them in the API, but its not resolving the error

Can some help ?
Is my API account locked ?

Ignore this thread. The problem is my code. Apologies.